For kids and teens who want to GIVE BACK & HAVE FUN!


Our indoor wellness center is located at King Plow
Art Center.

Our annual free festival for Philanthropic Families,
lead by CHC’s junior board of directors.

Our mobile wellness center available for free to non
profits, schools, corporations, and private groups.

We couldn’t do this without our Sponsors

Children Helping Children is run entirely by volunteers. The love and support provided by our partners gives
us the funds and inspiration to donate 100% of the money we receive to fund projects that benefit children.

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“The love we give away is the only love we keep.” – Elbert Hubbard

How Can You Help?


“CHC is unique in that it teaches children that we cannot do it alone. We need to reach out to each others for help and we need to give whatever we can. Working with CHC teaches all children that they have something to give, regardless of their own situation. It gives children the tools and life-long lessons of mutual support, generosity, understanding, and empathy. Is there ever a time when we do not need more of these qualities in the world? CHC is about healing, not about fixing problems.”

Shelley Serdahely

Executive Director, Men Stopping Violence
“Community partnership is a key component in ensuring that organizations maximize their goals and potential. That is exactly what Children Helping Children has helped Create Your Dreams with. They have provided a safe space full of fun and creative activities for our children to participate in. Every time we come together, our children leave more grateful and excited than before. Valuable life lessons are taught at every session. Thank you CHC for all that you do.”



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